Episode 5: Annie

Welcome back! In episode 5, we meet Annie.  Annie has had the displeasure of being my sister for the past 33 years. Here we discuss a few of her trips via RV as well as taking a cruise ship around the world with Semester at Sea – a floating study abroad program.  We hope you’ll enjoy hearing about her adventures and her thoughts on solo vs partnered travel. Aaaaand GO!

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Episode 4: Marcher Arrant

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Take a walk with Marcher and see how the world opens up when you just slow down. In this episode, we talk with Marcher Arrant – an explorer, graffiti artist, and walking enthusiast.  We learn why moving under your own power can be the most rewarding and how getting back to basics might just be the key to life’s best moments.  Marcher gives us insight on european vagabonding and laying low on expired visas.  We hope you’ll enjoy!

Episode 3: Brad Westcott


Today, we meet Brad. Brad is a lovely human being that embodies the word humble.  Brad has been featured in Thrasher skateboard magazine amongst other venues.  His photography is stunning and his skating ability always takes me by surprise.  In this episode, we talk about one of my all time favorite types of journeys – the skate trip, as well as some train hopping stories and the like.

photos by Brad Westcott

Episode 2: Shemp

In Episode 2, we are joined by Shemp.  Shemp has been riding freight trains since 1994 and continues to be an active member of the train hopping community.  We talk to Shemp about the good and bad of this mode of transit as well as some damn good anecdotes.  Enjoy!

Episode 2: Shemp


Episode 1: Scott – The man in the van

I’ve known Scott for 9 years now.  He has traveled many a mile, touring with bands and exploring the world.  Scott is no stranger to navigating four wheels to wherever the road may take him.  His expansive knowledge of damn near everything constantly amazes me… not to mention the fact that he’s really fucking funny.  Join us for our maiden voyage in Episode 1.

Episode 1